Agriprojects Consulting Limited was established in March 2004 by its principal, Dr Martin Evans, upon his retirement from a leading company that provided investment, project development and management services to international agriculture and agribusiness. Agriprojects is both a vehicle for the professional services of its principal and a ‘one-stop’ source of consultants of high calibre who are personally known to him and are expert in relevant areas.

Agriprojects is a completely independent source of advice, practical help and change management assistance for individuals, associations, companies, government departments and aid organisations involved in agriculture, agribusiness and rural development. Agriprojects is not linked in any way to contractors or suppliers of goods.

Agriprojects specialises in helping client organisations develop the capacity of their own people to plan, finance and manage projects successfully. Agriprojects is very experienced in working with client teams on development challenges in ways that both optimise the project solutions and maximise the teams’ own learning from the process. Agriprojects combines demonstrable training and change facilitation skills with proven technical and management expertise in agriculture and agribusiness.

Agriprojects believes that if a client brings in a consultant to help with a project, then the consultant should have a sustainable, beneficial impact on the client as well on the project. Thus Agriprojects’ inputs are used not only to resolve the immediate project issues at hand but also to enhance the client’s ability to resolve these issues itself.


  • Agriculture, agribusiness, agro-industry and rural enterprise development
  • Farmer and rural SME support services, including finance
  • Out-growers, smallholder development and contract farming
  • Agricultural and rural commercialisation
  • Agri-food markets and marketing, domestic and international
  • International trade in commodities
  • Business planning and corporate management
  • Enterprise restructuring/divestiture, joint ventures, privatisation
  • Sector/industry strategy, rationalisation, diversification
  • Organisational capacity building and governance
  • Institutional and policy reform


  • Ongoing advisory, operational and management support
  • Feasibility study, investment analysis and project formulation
  • Finance-raising and investment promotion
  • Strategy/policy review at enterprise, industry and sector levels
  • Evaluation of policy, investment and technical assistance interventions
  • Training workshops and courses
  • Meetings facilitation and negotiation intermediation


Sectors: beef and dairy cattle, biofuels, cassava, sugar (beet and cane), fibre (cotton, sisal) foodgrains, feedgrains, horticulture, poultry, tree crops (cocoa, coffee, oil palm, rubber, tea, pulpwood)

Regions: Africa (north and sub-Saharan), Asia (central, east, south and southeast), Caribbean, South America, South Pacific/Australia, former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe