Martin Evans of Agriprojects was the invited Guest Speaker at two separate agribusiness events in Indonesia in 2009.  He spoke at a roundtable discussion in Jakarta on the future of the Indonesian sugar industry, at which the Minister of State-owned Enterprises gave the keynote address.  Dr Evans, who was the only presenter from outside Indonesia, also spoke at a conference on sugarcane agribusiness development in eastern Indonesia chaired by the Deputy Minister for Plantations.

The Asian Development Bank has published, as the first paper in its South Asia Occasional Paper Series, Capacity Development in South ACapacity Development In South Asiasia,  written by Martin Evans of Agriprojects. It assesses the impact of ADB’s capacity development support on key executing agencies in the rural infrastructure and power sectors of Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka, the capital markets subsector in Bangladesh and the livestock sector in Nepal.Although this study concludes that in these particular cases the ADB’s interventions were quite successful overall, some significant problems with ADB’s approach to capacity development assistance are identified. This leads to recommendations for a radically different strategy for ADB which will enable it to shift more responsibility for managing capacity development to its clients and encourage the latter to accept this due to new linkages between ADB’s investment funding and its clients’ progress with internally managed capacity development programmes.The paper is available on line at:Asian Development Bank Occasional Paper SeriesHard copies can be obtained from the ADB’s distributors or directly from the ADB through